Sustainable Sales Success


Very often small and medium sized IT and engineering service providers are focused on fulfilling the quality expectations of their clients. During the project, sales and marketing activities are neglected and only when the end of the project is foreseeable, search is started for susequent utilization of the project resources.

Typically the project’s success results in further assignments. The increasing power of purchasing departments and increasing competition and price pressure, also from nearshore and offshore providers, cause that this approach gets more and more difficult compared to several years ago. Thus customer loyalty achieved by added value and differentiation against similar service providers becomes more important.

A focused sales portfolio and an effective and efficient sales are rather rare in small and medium-sized enterprises, often not having own products. Only a few of them perceive themselves as a brand.

But the perception of your company by your customers, that is its image, is crucial.

Basically, there are four key areas that are necessary for a sustainable sales success and a stable business or growth and must effectively be linked with each other.

Positive Brand Image

A positive brand image with clear values ​​and attributes assures the credibility of your business and contributes to customer loyalty.

Competitive Portfolio

Your service offering is only competitive if it is different from your competition, has unique features, is attractively priced and covers a specific need of your target market.

Effective Sales

An effective sales from contact and lead generation up to getting orders requires a clear focus and is characterized by a high closing rate and cost efficiency.


Quality ensures customer satisfaction, creates references and repeat business. It is important not only to meet the substantive customer expectations, but to generate additionad added value.